3 Toy Buying Mistakes Parents Make

written by Bayo Bucknor

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As an expert in toys for children’s development, I observed a major trend among parents recently.


Most parents know play is important to their child’s mental growth. 


They know it helps them be creative and develops their imagination.


But a major concern for lots of parents is how they bought a toy and later realize it is a huge waste. 


Today I am addressing 3 mistakes parents make when buying a toy for their kids. 


By addressing these mistakes, you are more enlightened and informed on the kind of toys that will unleash your kids’ creativity.

1. Not Concerned How the Toy Encourages Creativity in Your Child

You can instil creativity in children at a very early age. 


Playing with toys has a major role in letting children explore their creative side. 


Parenting is all about choosing the right things for your child’s mental and physical growth. 

As you choose a toy for the child, make sure the toy targets the creative side and gets their imagination going.

2. Not Concerned How Safe the Toy is for Your Child

Children are very curious by nature and they tend to explore things around them.


They are unaware of the dos and don’ts of exploring things with the mouth. 


It is always appropriate to buy toys which are safe for kids.

3.Not Establishing the 'Educational Value' of the Toy

Toys are a very essential part of a child’s learning process. 

They are a way through which children learn new things in an interesting and exciting way, from an early age. 

When kids play with the same toy over and over again, they gain confidence in their abilities.

This in turn leads to exploration and playing even further.

We know kids learn better through play. 

The best toys promote different aspects of a child’s learning which includes: 




Motor skills 


Physical development 

Problem Solving 

Social skills 

Reading and Writing 


Discovering the World. 

So it is very important to ask these questions for a child’s betterment when you buy a toy.

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Bayo Bucknor

I am an engineer by profession, husband of one and father of two.I set up Family Store Nigeria because of my love for research in toys for kids and their mental development.

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